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The Bucks Mills Poetry Gallery

also home of 'The Bucks Mills Poetry Magazine' - and - 'The Bucks Mills Poetry Festival - A Weekend Gathering of Poets'

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The Bucks Mills Poetry Gallery - set in the heart of the glorious Bucks Valley Woodlands in the fascinating village of Bucks Mills, North Devon - an area of outstanding natural beauty that runs down to the rugged Bucks Mills coastline - where The Artist's Cabin (owned by the National Trust) - and the ancient preserved ruins of seashore Lime Kilns - gaze across the bay and over the Atlantic Ocean to the internationally famous village and harbour of Clovelly - and the stunning Island of Lundy - is owned by multi award-winning artist-illustrator-cartoonist and award-winning poet: LK Merlynda Robinson (LLAM)

On Display are a selection of Original Illustrated Poetry Postcards, Pictograms, Illustrations and Quirky Cartoons -

Plus - A Selection of Poetry Booklets - Poetry Books - Poetry Posters - Romantic Nature - Love - Humorous Mounted/Framed Poems

Plus - Copies of 'The Bucks Mills Poetry Magazine' - Published Bi-monthly and Illustrated - Price: £6.50 per Copy (Inc P&P)

Poetry & Art - Nature - Love - Romance - in equal measures.

The Gallery Is Open To Visitors On:

Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays

(and on additional weekdays during Summer)

Mornings Only - Times: 10.30am to 1.30pm

The Gallery is Not Suitable For Young Children and currently there is Limited Disabled Access

Free Car-Parking is close-by

Merlynda is the Editor of 'The Bucks Mills Poetry Magazine' - a printed and illustrated bi-monthly Nature & Place Themed Poetry Magazine - which encourages, inspires and publishes nature poets and place-themed (topographical) poets locally, nationally and internationally.

Merlynda welcomes artists and poets to submit works for consideration for publication in 'The Bucks Mills Poetry Magazine' - and - for consideration for exhibiting in The Bucks Mills Poetry Gallery.

Artist Led Walks and Poet Led Walks - One-to-One Painting & Drawing Workshops - and - One-to-One and Group Poetry-Writing Workshops - are on offer - as are Themed Studio Exhibitions.

Romantic Nature Poetry Readings take place during the warmer months in the wonderful Garden - which is rich with bluebells, primroses and all manner of natural woodland wild flowers - and - there is a secluded little dingly-dell waterfall and stream, too!

To Enjoy Merlynda's Live Romantic Nature, Love, Bereavement and Place-Inspired Poetry Readings - Please Call to Book Seats: 01237 431166  - Or for more details send a message via the 'Contact' page - Or tel: 01237 431166

About Bucks Mills …

A 15 minute walk from the Gallery takes you through the old stone cottages further down in the village - and on past the famous ''Cabin' - the tiny home and studio of acclaimed local artist Judith Ackland and her companion, the accomplished Poet & Artist-Illustrator - Mary Stella Edwards - stroll down past the ruined Lime Kilns - and you are on the old Bucks Mills Quay and greeting the panoramic views across the Bucks Mills seashore to the Island of Lundy - and left towards the whimsical village of Clovelly - just across the bay.

''Old King Cole' was here - and there are shipwrecks and sailors out there amongst those gorgeous rocks, too.

The Devil attempted to build his bridge to Lundy here - but disappointingly - broke his spade - and presumably went home for an ice cream instead.

And there is a little ice-cream seller's window here - Just tap on the glass and ask nicely!

.Oh! - and not forgetting of course - The Bucks Mills Waterfall - splashing merrily and vigorously at you - just on your right.

Doggies are welcome - and the beach and woodlands are complete with a wealth of wagging tails.

The Bucks Mills PoetryGallery is the perfect place to start your adventure -

just past the Victorian-built 'St Anne's Church' - on your right.

Poetry Readings - Saturdays:

Live Nature Poetry Readings

Live Love Poetry Readings

In The Gallery & Garden

Weekends & Weekdays:

Poet-Led Walks

Artist-Led Walks

One-to-One Drawing Workshops

~ and ~ 

One-to-One and Group

Poetry-Writing Workshops

Available To Book:

To Book Workshop Places -

or - For More Details

Call:  01237 431166

On Display:

Poetry Booklets

Poetry Books

Illustrated Poetry Posters

Poetry Postcards

Poetry Greetings Cards

Mounted/Framed Poetry Prints

Kitty Pigfish Cartoons

Original Paintings & Drawings

Open Days/Times:

The Gallery Is Open To Visitors On:

Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays

and Mondays

- Mornings Only -

Times: 10.30am to 1.30pm

Also Open To Out-of-Hours Visitors By Appointment Only.

Romantic Nature Poetry Readings and Love Poetry Readings take place in the garden - regularly throughout the warmer months of the year -

Please Call To Check Current Poetry Readings/Performances - Dates/Times (usually Saturday Mornings) - and -

To Book Seats: 01237 431166

Seats: £3.00 (includes a complimentary Morning Coffee/Tea)

During the Summer months the Gallery is Open To Visitors during Weekends and on Additional Weekdays Throughout the Summer Holidays -

Please Call To Check:

Tel: 01237 431166

Sorry - The Gallery is Not suitable for young children and currently there is limited disabled access.

Free Parking is Available close-by.


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